About Preneet

Preneet is your one source solution for Engine Stands, Bootstrap Kits, Aircraft Jacks, and APU Stands.

The current process of sourcing engines and APU Stands and Aircraft Jacks is time-consuming and cumbersome. Most  companies have access to limited products and are usually limited to what they have in stock. Preneet solves your inventory problems as it is an authorized and approved distributor for several engine stand manufacturers and OEM APU Stands manufacturers. In addition, we have marketing and distribution agreements with Aircraft Jacks and Cargo Dollie’s repair and manufacturing companies.

engine stand

Preneet is a trusted and proven supplier to airlines, MRO’s and aviation companies all over the world.

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APU Stand's

APU Stand's refurbishment.
APU Stand's repair.
Apu stands sales.

Aircraft Jacks

We can source most model Aircraft Jacks.
We can repair and refurbish most model Aircraft Jacks.

Bootstrap Kits

We stock bootstrap kits.
We can repair bootstrap kits.