The most common question asked is what is Non-Certified Equipment?

Non-Certified Equipment simply means the drawing that has been used to manufacture has not been certified by the Engine Manufacturer (Pratt & Whitney, CFM, Rolls Royce, GE, or IAI). The drawings used to manufacture these stands are certified by the Aircraft Manufacturer.
Certified Equipment is much more expensive than Non-Certified ones since the “Certification Cost” has to be included in the price of the equipment.
The new and used Non-Certified Equipment we offer are high-quality units from companies such as CFT, ABSCO, DAE ( to name a few ) and other such manufacturers. Such companies have been serving the aviation market for many years and their units have been purchased by young and established leading airlines alike  MRO facilities and Aircraft/Engine Asset management companies.

There is no FAA requirement for certified equipment.

Non-Certified Equipment is the most cost-effective because the “Certification Cost” is not there, and they are also the most time-effective solution in the market because they have much fewer lead times compared with the certified units.