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Preneet is a supplier of Jet Engine shipping stands

Jet Engine stands are usually associated with aircraft maintenance and repair -as this is usually when the engines are off wing from the aircraft. There will be times you will need to transport engines separately from the aircraft as opposed to storing the engines on Engine storage and maintenance stands or Engine storage and work Pedestals and here is where engine stands are needed.

Transporting an engine is a very crucial and precise task where safety is of the upmost importance. Engine repair and maintenance is very expensive any additional damages or delays during engine transportation increases costs due to both time and resource expenditures. The longer the distance, the more things can go wrong, especially, if the engine is not placed stable enough. Think about engine transportation as transporting or handling delicate crystal. 

A Jet Engine Transportation Stand consist of two parts – a cradle and a base, together making a stable engine handling system. Most modern Engine Transportation stands are Boot Strap Capable – which means the base and cradle separate. The engine cradle will cradle the bootstrapped engine onto a base. The Cradle is always load Tested and has the Mounting apparatus (Mounts, engine Pucs, etc ). The base will usually have casters and approved isolators ( Shock Absorbers).

Each aircraft engine model has its own customized stand this means every engine model has its own stand, for example a CFM56-3 engine will only fit on a CFM56-3 engine stand a CFM56-5 stand will not work, everything on an engine stand is designed to fit the specifics of the engine type. A cradle has to hold the engine and provide protection from oscillations that may sometimes occur during engine transportation. A base gives additional support and stability and helps to move the engine safely. 

There is a difference between engine stands manufacturers in design and Functionality, however they all work the same way.

When transporting engines having the correct stand is not enough, you need to use a logistics company that is specialized in Aviation logistics and transportation in order to ensure the safe and secure transport of your engine, As land and air cargo are two most commonly used means of logistics there are most stands that are designed for both ground and Air transport. However with very large engines there are specific transport stands, so an Air transportation stand for Air and a ground transportation Stand for ground Transportation. 

Aircraft models we support:

Embraer BOEING Airbus
E-145 737 A319
E-175 747 A320
E-190 757 A321
E-195 767 A330

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Engines we support:

Pratt and WhitneyCFMGeneral ElectricROLLS ROYCE 
V2500 A1/A5CFM56-2CF34-8AE 3007
PW2000CFM56-5CF6-50Trent 500/700

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