Engine Storage and Protection Covers

We can provide engine storage and protection covers

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Engine on Stand Protection with temperature and humidity control

High-Tech Covers Start With High Tech Materials

Our Covers are designed and manufactured using patented materials and processes to create covers that provide the highest levels of protection in the most challenging environments.

3 Distinct Layers of Protection

OUTER LAYERHigh strength, shrinkable outer layer of 10mil polyethylene to protect against dirt and dust, environmental threats, rodents and insects.
MIDDLE LAYER – hot melt adhesive containing VCI additives with patented delivery processes for
corrosion protection from humidity.
INNER LAYER – soft, non-woven polyester to protect engine cowlings and other highly finished, exposed

The Advantages - What Our Covers Offer You

Protection against the Environment

Proven against high winds and rain, extreme temperatures and humidity, sand dust, dirt, and wildlife


Patented materials allow for the escape of excess condensation, while protecting the assets from rain, snow, and other precipitants.

Light Weight and Easy to Install

Designed for the flight line, our covers are lightweight, yet rugged

Protection against Corrosion

Multi-layer construction with built in Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

The Hazards of High Humidity

Humidity poses an unseen danger to the surfaces of exotic engine components and materials. Protecting an engine from dirt, dust, insects, birds and other intrusions can be accomplished with a simple engine cover or shrink wrap. Unfortunately, sealing a cover from these hazards doesn’t help keep humidity at acceptable levels. In fact, they make it worse. Traditional methods of protecting an engine from humidity (shrink wrap, desiccant, paper humidity sensors) can
provide a solution, but are inaccurate, inconsistent, and provide no historical data on the health of the
environment under the engine cover. Our solution addresses all of these issues in one easy to implement package.

Our Electronic Temperature and Humidity Sensor Solution

  • Private Customer Portal Access –Information is accessible from any internet connection (NOT a phone app)
  • Readings taken every 20 minutes, 24/7.A continual log of readings is available onscreen in both line graph and table form for each sensor.
  • Ambient local humidity levels are included as part of the graph for comparison.
  • MIN/MAX levels can be set onsite and can alert personnel of out of spec levels.
  • Sensors communicate through LoraWAN technology, which provides the best coverage distance available.
  • Summary page elevates “out of spec” sensors to the top of the list, followed by those in the warning zone. Detail for each sensor is available with a simple mouse-click on the sensor’s summary line.
  • In most cases, the system can be run through the facility guest wifi, so security issues are minimal.

* All sensors are included with covers at no charge. Gateways, installation, and annual service costs are quoted per facility